We promise to keep evolving, keep innovating and keep making products that will help you and your audience truly appreciate and protect our fragile but beautiful underwater world.

Edward Lai, the founder and Managing Director of Nauticam, spent the past two decades designing and manufacturing high precision injection molds for electronic, automobile and healthcare products. He was the chairman of Hong Kong Mold and Die Council for 10 years from 1993~2003.

In 2008, Edward Lai, an avid diver and photographer, felt his skills and experience could help put better housings into the hands of divers. He founded Nauticam and set out to design and make the housings he would like to use and his extensive knowledge in both engineering, plastic injection molding and CNC machining meant that Nauticam – from the very first housing – was more advanced than anything else seen before it.

Since then, the design and manufacturing team has grown,and so has our capacity to get new housings into the hands of customers sooner than our competitors. The approach and goal is still exactly the same as it was at the beginning when Nauticam was founded: To use extensive engineering and the most advanced production methods available to put the best and most ergonomic and intuitive housings and accessories into the hands of divers.

Our housings have evolved into true design and engineering marvels which have received eight international patents, and more are pending. Three prestigious Red Dot Design Awards have been earned, as well as the Consumer Product Design Grand Award at the 2013 Hong Kong Award for Industries. We are proud that our housings are the most advanced available and, and are still the most user-friendly.

And we are thrilled and humbled that underwater photographers all over the world feel as strongly about our designs as we do. In a very short amount of time their support has made us the world’s leading underwater photography brand. Nauticam services the underwater housing market through more than 30 global dealerships, offering expert underwater imaging knowledge, and great after-sales service.